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                                        SPECIAL REGULATIONS MOTOR SERIES
                                        WIPER MOTOR
                                        REAR WINDOW WIPER MOTOR
                                        LINK MOTION GEAR
                                        WIPER ARM
                                        ELECTRIC WINDSHIELD WASHER
                                        WASHER PUMP
                                        WASHER NOZZLE
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                                        At the very beginning, CWOP has already launched on building of corporate culture and management environment. It now has 150 employees and 25 professional technicians from various specialty. At the same time of figuring the spirit, CWQP adequately defers to the originality of employees. In this way, specials and abilities between employees can be syncretic mutually, and the steady and developmental environment is coming into being.

                                        Better tools, better works
                                        Only advanced equipments manufacture best products. Fetching in advanced equipments and improving the technological content of products roundly, we dig out and draw the advanced information and pursuit world's high technology in the developmental tide of science and technology. Successively, we have fetched in 40 advanced equipments for production and detection, and founded the first-class automobile fittings production base In our country.

                                        The quality project Is the llteblood for enterprises development.CWQP company invests a huge sum ot money to construct the management systems engineering ot quality assurance system and make each link of quality control instltutiondlzed.







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