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                                        Founded in 1996, CWQP is engaged in the R&D, production, sales and service of DC motor.
                                        located at the southerm wing of YRD, between two open areas of Ningbo and Wenzhou.
                                        Permanent magnet DC motor series and geared-down permanent magnet DC motor series, the specialty products of CWQP, the voltage from 6V-220V, powerfrom 10W-250W, are widely used in various types of automobile wipers, auto scrubbers, train wipers,
                                        automobile oil pumps, vessels, welding apparatus, packaging machinery, food machinery, medical machinery,light industry machinery, small machine tools, office automation, domestic care equipment and etc., and won the international market recognition by excellent quality. One newly developed high-performance and multi-purpose DC micro motor, which is small size
                                        but big power, has more extensive practical prospect.
                                        CWQP possesses of excellent technical force and processing equipments, well-appointed
                                        testing methods and strict quality control.
                                        CWQP now has more than 20 engineers and technicians, and works together with professionals in domestic universities and colleges atthe same time. Design and production capacity of CWQP is strong enough for the research and development of satisfaction qualified products according to customer demands.
                                        Meanwhile, CWQP also pays great attention tothe inputs and updates of production and
                                        testing equipment. The existing general (special) machining equipments: more than 50
                                        sets of Worm CNC machine, universal thread-grinder, CNC punching, CNC lathes and
                                        general machine tools; electrical equipments: more than 20 sets of domestic advanced
                                        full-automatic winding machines, automatic spot welder, rotor balancing device and
                                        automatic lathe finish machine; electrical inspection and test equipments: nearing 15 sets of armature-parameter tester, pressure tester, computer controlled electrical input and output parameters of test system, high/low temperature test chambers and salt spray test chamber, up tothe test condition standard required by product testing and development.
                                        Ever since the company’s inception, customer demands, innovative and quality are always insisted firstly and strictly. Has passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 1 6949-2002 quality system, CWQP meets the international management philosophy, keeps complying with strict management and precise development, exerting itself to provide domestic and foreign customers with quality products and satisfactory service.
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